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Lofti Smart Alarm Clock and Sound Machine

starting at $149.00

Best For:

  • Noise Reduction

Loftie is an alarm clock, night light, and sound machine that’s intended to minimize distractions for more restful sleep and calmer mornings. It can be managed remotely with a smartphone, but you don’t need it to use the device.

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Why We Like It

  • many features, including a two-phase alarm, adjustable night light, sound baths, and guided meditation

  • Bluetooth-enabled to stream your own music and audio content

  • sleep timer and blackout mode

Who It May Not Be For

  • those looking for a basic alarm clock

  • those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy

  • those who don’t want a WiFi connected device

Product Information

Best for Noise Reduction:

The Loftie is a multipurpose device designed to minimize the distractions of modern life, including disruptive blue light exposure from smartphone use during the evenings. While a smartphone app is required for initial setup, you can access all features directly on the device after that.

Loftie includes an adjustable night light and various white noise and soundscapes to block disruptive environmental sounds. There’s also an alarm with two phases: one to wake you gently, and one to ensure you rise and shine on time.

The Loftie needs an internet connection to work and should be connected to a power source, but it does have a rechargeable back-up battery if the power goes out.

Dimensions (WxLxH):
2.75" x 6.5" x 2.75"
Number of Sounds:
Other Features:
Customizable alarm clock, night light, and timer
Shipping And Returns:
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One-year warranty