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Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

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Available Sizes:

  • Standard - ($69.99)

The Coop Home Goods Body Pillow is longer and wider than standard body pillows, making it suitable to a wide range of body sizes. Add or remove some of the medium-density fill — a cross-cut blend of memory foam and microfiber — to find the right level of support for you.

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Why We Like It

Who It May Not Be For

  • shorter people (pillow is oversized)

  • people who prefer a very firm pillow

  • stomach or back sleepers

Product Information

Best for Back Pain:

  • By supporting the legs and hips, a body pillow can help ensure proper alignment, which may help reduce pain in the lower back.

The Coop Home Goods Original Body Pillow is specifically designed to accommodate side sleepers. Its oversized design, which is wider and longer than many body pillows, is made for full-body support to help keep the hips, legs, and spine aligned. And because its fill is adjustable, it’s easy to find the right firmness to suit almost anyone.

The pillow is GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified and made with hypoallergenic materials, including a soft cover derived from bamboo.

While the entire pillow is machine washable, Coop Home Goods recommends separating the inner pillow from the cover and using a commercial washer and dryer because of the generous size.

Sleep Positions:
Side Sleepers
Memory Foam
Machine Washable:
Washable Cover:
Removable Cover:
Fill Material:
Memory Foam
8.25 lbs
Available Size:
Support Pillow
20” x 54”
Trial Period:
100 Nights
5 Years
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